Thefts And The Negative Impact On Customer Experience

6th May 2020

Thefts And The Negative Impact On Customer Experience

Mobile News is the leading news source within the mobile communications industry and part of the publication reports on a Mystery Shopper’s experience when visiting the major retailers, such as Three, Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone.

The publication dated 11th March 2019 touches on the negative customer experience due to missing handsets and highlights that most retailers are now displaying dummy, rather than live versions of the smartphones, due to high levels of thefts and unsustainable losses.

Mobile News findings:

Three: Of all the locations that I visited, Dalston Kingsland’s bright and clean Three store gets points simply because its phones weren’t dummy models, with devices from a range of manufacturers and only one phone model missing.

Vodafone: As I approached, I could see that the display cases were disappointingly full of dummies.

Carphone Warehouse: The store was generally well kept, with a wide range of handsets. However, they were all dummies.

Displaying dummy handsets due to ineffective security systems isn’t acceptable.

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