Pick-up & Play Tablet Security

Pick-up and play with the option of lock-down.
Perfect for anybody looking to display a
customer-facing tablet device.

Pick-up & Play Tablet Security
Tablet display security for any environment

Tablet display security for any environment

1: Optional Alarm
The intelligent 6-point alarm activation feature alerts those nearby that a theft attempt is happening and acts as an audible deterrent.
If alarm protection is over-kill for your application, it can simply be deactivated.

2: Added Clamp
Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in a customer’s hand, lightweight yet extremely secure.
Adjustable to fit a wide variety of tablet devices.

Provide customers with an unhindered experience

Provide customers with an unhindered experience

3: Effortless Installation & Optional Lock-down
Simply position onto a display surface using the high-bond adhesive pad, or for extra strength you can bolt your tablet security stand to your display – using the bolts provided.

For extra-high risk areas you can engage a small hidden security screw which locks your tablet device into position, temporarily removing the pick-up feature.

4: Constant Power
Your displayed product is constantly charged
and ready for interaction. Power is provided
through the coiled charge lead, bypassing
lengthy, unsightly and often tangled charge